Sw – Sweet
Msw – Medium Sweet
Md – Medium Dry
D – Dry


L – Light
M – Medium
S – Strong


long-on-the-rocks Short Served Up
short-on-the-rocks Short served on the Rocks
short-up Long served on the Rocks

La Vie En Rose

A bit of romance can not be missed in this wonderful city. That’s why we have decided to create for you this charming and elegant rose that we offer to you with our heart.
But be careful, every rose worthy of this name must have its thorns…
White Calvados infused with muscat rose, yuzu sake, amaro Montenegro, pink and yellow grapefruit sherbet, lime juice, peach and vanilla bitter.

long-on-the-rocks MSW M


Sometimes it is unfavorable to look for new exotic spirits up to Mount Fuji into the deepest Amazon rainforest, when a we have a beautiful spirit distillate here… like grappa! And if you consider this spirit suitable only for your “Grandma”, then this drink will make you change your mind!
White grappa, cherry liqueur Quaglia, honey, lemon juice, maraschino bitter.

short-on-the-rocks MSW M

Ponte Sullo Stretto

A twist on the classic Brooklyn cocktail, inspired by the marvelous bridge which characterizes the famous New York neighborhood, but with an Italian touch.
Dedicated to the arguable bridge over the straits of Messina, this wonderful drink begins in Calabria to end in Sicily, where the citrus scent leaves a slightly bitter finish.
Rye whiskey, French dry vermouth, bergamot rosolio, amaro Averna.

short-up MD S

Hokkaido Silver Fizz

Fizzy, delicate, smooth and silky, thanks to the addition of a few drops of egg white. This cocktail will take you to the most enchanted Japanese gardens, with some geisha, whose only purpose is to make you reach the peace of the senses. Please, let us start with the taste…
Sake, aquavit, apricot liqueur, lemon juice, chocolate bitter, egg white, soda

long-on-the-rocks MSW L

Wicked Ernest

We have “bewitched” one of the most famous writers in History, often
remembered for his inexhaustible thirst. Remembering no of his most famous cocktail, we combined the renowned Benevento liqueur with grapefruit juice and fresh ginger. Great as a digestive, or as a revitalizing after-dinner during the most busy nights.
“Strega” liquor, maraschino, lemon and yellow grapefruit juices, ginger centrifuge.

short-up MSW M

Monkey Islay

Chi non vorrebbe avere una scimmia come amica?
Questa nostra “scimmietta” vi terrà compagnia per tutto l’inverno, scaldandovi con le sue note speziate del whisky e quelle calde del miele, ma con leggerezza, come il vento tra i fili dell’erba. Attenti però, alle scimmie piace fare qualche scherzetto di tanto in tanto!

short-on-the-rocks MD M

The Wrong Presidente

In the “New World” things change very quickly, and between the end of the embargo in Cuba and the election of a US President a bit out of the way, also this classic cocktail has suffered some contamination. Between cigars and rum, probably now Cuba will be flooded by Bourbon rivers!
Bourbon whiskey, fino Sherry, apricot liqueur, Capovilla tobacco distillate, chocolate bitter.

short-up MD S

Nikka Old Fashioned

Honey, citrus and herbs make it a master in this soft old fashioned with an oriental soul. The pursuit of perfection is a constant belief in Japanese life, and this delicious drink wants to be the fulfillment of this thought. Kanpai!
Nikka from the barrel whisky, honey, Sichuan pepper bitter, grapefruit and hops bitter.

short-on-the-rocks MD S


Green Spot

The perfect chilled and refreshing cocktail, even on winter days! Waiting for the spring and the warm sunny days.
In the end, summer is not that far away.
Elderflower syrup, lemon juice, grapefruit juice, soda, mint.

Cold Remedy

Against a cold and a sore throat, you cannot miss a good drink to restore defenses, even without alcohol. These are the remedies that the Merchant likes!
Honey, apple and lemon juice, ginger, cinnamon.