Cocktail List


Even though at a first glance it may look like one…
After taking you around the globe together with the greatest explorers in history, this year Il Mercante will have you explore the boundaries of flavours, through a new interpretation of the pairing solid/liquid, by trying to deceive both mind and palate.
In this cocktail list each drink, rather than having its own name, will show – just like a dish – its main ingredients, followed by its main spirit.
Just as in dining every wine is paired to a dish in order to enhance its aromas and flavours, so in this cocktail list the ‘side dish’ – little food pairings, each designed specifically for a given cocktail – will exalt and deepen the perception of each drink’s flavour, in order to make you discover new facets of taste.
As always, we keep working according to the seasonality of products, and use the ingredients that the earth gives us, by doing our best to express and exalt their flavour.
We moreover commit to reduce our waste by trying to minimise
as much as possible our impact on the planet.
We welcome you to Il Mercante and wish you a wonderful experience!

Alessandro Zampieri
Bar Manager


Cocktails with low-alcohol content and easy to drink

Fermented strawberries and apples, celery and cedar water
with vermouth Noilly Prat 10€

Side dish in pairing: fermented cetriole meringue, yuzu gel and green tea 2€

summer – aromatic – easy

Yogurt, dill and fig leaf
with Danish akvavit and yogurt whey 10 €

Side dish in pairing: rice cracker, salmon caviar and pickled cucumber 2€

thick – fresh – sour

Olive leaves, Vesuvium apricot and yuzu
with Capovilla fruit distillate and sake 10€

Side dish in pairing: white olive oil ground with fruit pearls 2€

refreshing – citrusy – apricot


Cocktails based on the most famous and relevant first courses of the Italian and international cuisine

with vodka, dry vermouth and black tea 10€

Side dish in pairing: parmesan foam, pineapple gel and balsamic vinegar 2€

strong – smoky – tasty

Thai soup “Tom Yum Goong”
with cachaca Yaguara Ouro 10€

Side dish in pairing: two ways spicy pineapple 2€

coconut – creamy – fresh


Cocktails with a full-bodied flavour and a stronger alcohol content

Fennel, Champagne and agave
with tequila Don Julio Reposado 10€

Side dish in pairing: liquirice foam
and “two oranges” 2€

liquirice – intense – ruffian

Chicory, pear and wine
with Depaz rhum agricole and white vermouth 10€

Side dish in pairing: bell pepper cracker and ginger foam 2€

spicy – fruity – pepper

Artichokes, elderflower and pink grapefruit
with Bombay Sapphire gin and St. Germaine 10€

Side dish in pairing: Herbs & flowers jellies 2€

flowers – herbal – bitterish


Sweeter and creamier cocktails

Nougat, olives and black pepper
with Veritas rhum and blood orange liquor 10€

Side dish included: nougat, olives and capers.
Inspired by the famous dessert by Massimiliano Alajmo

salty – caramel – lime

Milk and cereal
with Polugar and vanilla liquor 10€

Side dish in pairing: coffee in different textures 2€
Inspired by the famous dessert by Cristina Tosi

corn flakes – cuddles – sleep tight!

Please speak to our staff if you have food allergy